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Nautilus® Commercial Series TreadClimber® TC916

Walking is the most popular exercise on earth. But in order to get a challenging workout on a treadmill, most walkers are forced to run or walk at an incline. Both of which can be hard on the feet, ankles, knees and hips. By combining two machines in one, the Nautilus® Commercial Series TreadClimber® TC916 is an innovative cardio machine that provides a more efficient way for club members to reach their fitness goals. Its revolutionary design joins the ease of walking with the results of running or stepping.

Walking. The New Running.
The new Nautilus® TreadClimber® cardio machine provides a runner's workout at a walker's pace. Its unique design combines low impact walking with gradual hill climbing providing the user with the intense results of running.

TreadClimber® is easy to get on and get going. Just three simple keys:

  • 5-Minute TreadClimber® Demo - allows a user to step on and step to it.
  • TreadClimber® Workout - it is what it says. The optimal TreadClimber® program literally coaches you through a fun and challenging workout.
  • More Workouts - a gateway to several professionally designed programs

You Don't Have To Run
Members look great on it and it works for anyone from fitness novice to fitness enthusiast. At a lower speed than with a conventional treadmill, members don't feel like they are working as hard. However, when they check their heart rate, they're amazed that it is much higher than expected.

Safe For All
The user's foot steps are absorbed by the falling treadles. The user doesn't feel the impact that they would running or even walking on a treadmill.

Experts Agree
In clinical tests at New York's Adelphi University, it takes less than half the time to burn the same amount of calories on a TreadClimber® machine than on a treadmill - at comparable speeds.

Just Plain Fun
Members love new equipment and are eager to try new exercises. Everyone looks great on it and will look great after using it and making it a regular part of their regular gym routine.

The Nautilus® TreadClimber® machine, the next generation in cardio equipment. Get on and get results.